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At JATES Design-build, we specialize in creating luxurious, bespoke spaces that reflect the unique vision and personality of our clients. We understand that luxury is not just about high-end materials and finishes - it's about creating an experience that is truly exceptional. Let us show you how we can bring your vision to life and exceed your expectations.
Kitchen Renovations

Elevating your kitchen into a luxurious haven that seamlessly integrates beauty with utility is an unparalleled strategy to augment both the aesthetic appeal and market value of your residence. Whether your vision involves crafting an exquisite culinary retreat or refreshing your current layout, our seasoned team of designers and builders at JATES Design+Build is committed to guiding you through every phase of the transformation.

Bathroom Renovations

At JATES Design+Build, we hold the conviction that your bathroom ought to serve as a sanctuary of luxury and serenity—a space that not only mirrors your individual taste but also caters to your every whim. Our bespoke bathroom remodeling services are crafted to encapsulate the pinnacle of sophistication and refinement, transforming your vision of the ideal bathroom into reality through unparalleled craftsmanship and the use of premium materials.

Basement & full space renovations

Regardless of whether you're drawn to a sleek, modern aesthetic or prefer the warmth and timelessness of classic design, our team at JATES Design+Build is committed to working closely with you to craft a personalized plan that brings your dream to life. Choosing us for your project ensures that your home will become a beacon of luxury and sophistication.

Why opt for the ordinary when your space has the potential to reach remarkable levels of allure? Contact JATES Design+Build now to start the transformation of your space in Chicago, turning dreams into reality through unmatched elegance and expert craftsmanship.

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For years, JATES Design+Build has been at the forefront of luxury design and construction in Chicago, expertly creating bespoke spaces that beautifully blend form with function. Our distinguished team of designers and builders is committed to delivering unparalleled refinement and sophistication in every project, whether it's transforming kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or any space in between. Connect with JATES Design+Build today to learn how we can transform your space into a magnificent showcase of design superiority and exceptional craftsmanship.

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