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Collaborate with JATES, Design+Build's dynamic and skilled team, offering extensive experience in a variety of fields. Driven by a steadfast commitment to delivering unmatched client satisfaction, our enthusiasm for luxury, innovation, and limitless potential is at the heart of everything we do. We're eager to begin a transformative journey with you, crafting spaces of elegance and distinction. Let's create something extraordinary together in Chicago's luxury remodeling scene!

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    Christian M.

    Project Manager

    Christian has been a cornerstone of JATES Design+Build since the very beginning, initially joining as a carpenter's assistant. His profound dedication and enthusiasm for fieldwork quickly distinguished him, making him an indispensable part of our team. His journey from a passionate assistant to becoming a Project Manager at JATES Construction is marked by his meticulous attention to detail and an unyielding drive for continuous improvement.

    In addition to his expertise in project management, Christian is an avid reader and an expert chess strategist. Notably, Christian is not just any practitioner but a distinguished black belt in jiu-jitsu, reflecting his dedication and discipline in every endeavor. His exceptional skills have garnered him the title of Master Project Manager, a recognition awarded by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

    For high-end remodeling projects in Chicago, Christian offers unparalleled expertise in:

    • Precise project scheduling
    • Effective trade partner collaboration
    • Rigorous budget management
    • Supreme construction quality assurance

    Under Christian’s expert guidance, JATES Design+Build is poised to elevate your luxury remodeling experience to new heights.

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    Marco F.

    Design Director

    Marco's journey in the construction industry is lifelong, deeply rooted in his family's business where he's embraced numerous roles. His fervor truly lies in the design phase, where he excels in fostering an environment of collaboration, comfort, and clarity for clients throughout their luxury remodeling journey with JATES Design+Build in Chicago.

    Beyond his professional life, Marco is an avid explorer of the uncharted and diverse cultures, continually expanding his horizons. His latest venture into endurance sports has seen him passionately completing his first 140.6 Ironman event in 2023, showcasing his dedication and perseverance.

    For high-end remodeling projects in Chicago, Marco is your primary contact for:

    • Detailed project estimations
    • Creative and personalized design consultations
    • Comprehensive production support
    • Expertise in financial oversight

    Marco's multifaceted expertise ensures that every aspect of your project is managed with precision and a deep understanding of your vision, making JATES Design+Build your partner in creating spaces that embody luxury and innovation.

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    Antonio F.

    General Manager

    Antonio's foundation in construction is deeply embedded in his family's company, where he actively engaged in various roles from a tender age. Now, at JATES Design+Build, Antonio is at the helm of operations, showcasing exceptional leadership while continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance, grow, and share his zeal for transforming spaces across the Chicago area with those poised for change.

    Away from the office, Antonio's interests are as diverse as his skills. He maintains his fitness at the gym, enjoys Latin dancing, hones his skills in jiu-jitsu, and is deeply committed to volunteer work. He has contributed time and effort at the Lincoln Park Farmers Market and worked with the Horticulture team at Lincoln Park Zoo, highlighting his commitment to community and environmental care. Additionally, Antonio has a passion for expanding his knowledge in bodywork, taking various classes and earning a NASM certification as an MMA Conditioning Specialist, further showcasing his dedication to health and fitness.

    In the realm of luxury remodeling in Chicago, Antonio is your esteemed point of contact for:

    • Comprehensive general operations management
    • Strategic marketing initiatives
    • Elevating client experiences
    • Vigilant construction oversight

    With Antonio's broad leadership approach, commitment to client satisfaction, community involvement, and personal development, he plays a pivotal role in maintaining JATES Design+Build's distinction in luxury remodeling.

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    Amanda T.
    Senior Designer

    Since 2003, Amanda has been a prominent figure in the design industry, initially making her mark by designing custom closets. Her journey in design led her to achieve a comprehensive education, culminating in a Bachelor’s of Interior Design, a Minor in Architecture, an Associate's of Interior Design, and a Certificate of Kitchen and Bath Design by the summer of 2011. Amanda's expertise spans across numerous design disciplines, including custom tile design, custom cabinetry, appliances, and notably, kitchens and baths among others. Her exceptional ability to transform any room into a highly functional and livable space for her clients sets her apart in the luxury remodeling sector of Chicago.

    Beyond her professional endeavors with JATES Design+Build, Amanda's personal life is rich and full. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, three daughters, and her Husky, Eclipse. An avid ice hockey player for over 27 years, Amanda competes in an all-men’s, invite-only league on Tuesday nights. Her varied interests also include exploring different historical periods, camping, cooking, and participating in weekly church services with her family.

    For those seeking luxury remodeling in Chicago, Amanda is the expert to consult for:

    • Innovative design concepts
    • Strategic space planning
    • Selecting premium materials

    Amanda's blend of vast design experience and personal dedication to excellence ensures that each project undertaken by JATES Design+Build is approached with a unique perspective, aiming to exceed the expectations of the most discerning clients.

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